Ironic Cafe @ Dunedin

Ironic cafe is located on Anzac Avenue, opposite the Dunedin railway station. The cafe has a sunny space for an open and outdoor dining area, which is perfect for enjoying a nice cold drink or having lunch with family and friends on a sunny day.


I love the interior design, from the bricks on the wall to the chairs and tables. It is a modern cafe with a bit of an industrial feeling.


The staff greeted us in a friendly way, and sat us at a table next to the window. The owner kindly explained the specials of the day. He was so friendly and enthusiastic about his menu. We order two specials on the menu without any hesitation, and also a ‘Dirty Chai’ to start with.


When the drink arrived on the table, I was surprised how decent the size was, we ended up sharing the drink! The in-house ‘Dirty Chai’ was amazing, it is a delicious mix between a chai latte and a shot of coffee. I normally don’t go for flavored coffee because it is too sweet for me, however, I absolutely loved this drink. The balance between the chai spices and the coffee flavours were perfect, and the sweetness was just right.


The first dish brought out was the in-house smoked beef. I liked the presentation, like a cloud floating on a plate. The smoke evaporated as we lifted up the glass bowl and gave us an intense whiff of the smoky meat. Magic.


To our surprise, the owner told us that they smoked the beef in a barrel for 13hours. This made me respect and appreciate the dish even more. It was even better pairing it with the salsa on the side, a refreshing combination of fresh pineapple, beans, tomatoes and red onions.


Last but not least, the house-made orzo pasta with prawns and asparagus in red pepper pesto was also spot on. The pasta was cooked perfectly, and the asparagus added a good textural contrast to the dish. I would definitely recommend this.

Thank you Ironic, see you again soon.

*NZ Cafe of the Year 2014

*Beef and Lamb Excellence Award 2016

Address: 9 Anzac Ave, Dunedin, NZ


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