Laneway @ Dunedin

Laneway is a hidden cafe located on Bath street, one of the smaller side streets near the Octagon. Laneway is the type of place I would visit regularly for tapas. It’s a cozy and modern cafe that serves all day breakfast, cabinet food, and a Spanish-inspired menu for lunch and dinner.


I like the decor, it was very sharp and clean, with fresh flowers on every table. Laneway has a big table and an outdoor dining area for catering for larger groups.


We started with patata bravas, baked potatoes with paprika, spicy garlic salt, served with spicy bravas sauce (a spicy tomato sauce). I loved how the sauce spiced up the potatoes, and also added a little bit of sweetness to it.


The spicy pumpkin & red capsicum soup was perfect for the cold day. I really liked the ciabatta bread as it was beautifully grilled, and crunchy on the outside yet a little chewy on the inside. The soup was very hearty, but lacked a little seasoning for my taste.


The empanadas consisted of roasted peppers, mushroom, spinach, cream cheese, and harissa aioli. I highly recommend this dish, the pastry was perfectly cooked, crunchy yet buttery. The filling tasted fresh and light. A solid bite.


The highlight of the meal was this stuffed chicken breast, a very popular dish in Laneway. It is stuffed with sundried tomato, leek, basil pesto, and cream cheese, and wrapped with bacon. The staff notified us that there may be a little wait for this dish, as it is made fresh to order. It was worth every minute of the wait. I am usually not a big fan of chicken breast, but to my surprise, the chicken was very moist and tender, a sign that the chefs at Laneway know exactly what they are doing. I loved how the stuffing balanced out the richness of the bacon. All in all, it was an excellent dish.

We were incredibly happy with the meal, we will definitely come back to try the rest of the tapas menu. Laneway, you are a hidden gem!

Address: 7 Bath St, Dunedin, NZ


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