The Kitchen Table @ Dunedin

It was a Wednesday morning, I was so excited about the ‘secret’ cafe my boyfriend was going to take me to. We arrived at The Kitchen Table on Moray place, and I immediately fell in love with this cafe.


The decor is very homey and creative, which makes it a lovely place to visit. The floor to ceiling glass panel makes the cafe look more spacious and gets a lot of natural sunlight.

The cafe is famous for their daily baked bread, as soon as we sat down, the smell of freshly baked bread wafted out from the kitchen mmm… 


I totally felt the coffee love from the barista, how beautiful was this. The coffee was supplied by a small local coffee roastery called Common Ground. I have to say, it was a great cup of coffee. If you want your coffee a little sweeter, other than normal white or brown sugar, there is also a jar of coconut sugar on every table.


I ordered a salmon benedict, it was phenomenal. The housemade hollandaise sauce was perfect, it was creamy and rich, well seasoned, and went so well with every ingredient on the plate. The poached eggs were cooked perfectly, with runny yolks and pillowy egg whites. I was surprised by the generous amount of smoked salmon, and how good the freshly baked ciabatta tasted, the bread was beautifully baked and grilled.

The grilled portabello mushroom and tomato on the side were very juicy, and they balanced the richness of the hollandaise sauce nicely. All in all, this was by far the best eggs benedict I have ever had.


My boyfriend got the BLT wrap. Generous rashers of bacon, fresh sliced tomato, and salad greens came wrapped in a grilled rustic wrap. The wrap had a nice layer of crunch followed by chewiness. The flavours were the classic BLT flavours you expect. Saltiness from the bacon, richness from the mayonnaise, and a little sweetness from the tomatoes.


Time is precious, take a break from work, and spend it with people that you love.

Address: 111 Moray Pl, Dunedin, NZ


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