Copper @ Dunedin

I heard mixed reviews about Copper ,especially after the new owners, however, I decided to dine in with a group of friends and check out their food. It was a quiet night, the staff greeted us friendly and sat us at a table for 4 next to the window.


We started with half a dozen raw oysters, with fresh lemon. It is my favourite way to enjoy oysters. The oysters were served on 6 separate spoons, although it looked appetizing, it was not as fresh as I expected.


I ordered the red tussock venison, which came with a sweet potato fondant, red cabbage braise and balsamic jus. The venison was cooked perfectly, a little pink on the inside, and was super tender. The balsamic jus went really well with the meat and sweet potato, the sauce was made beautifully with glaze and great flavours. However, I wished for more vegetables on the plate, maybe some broccoli, parsnip, or pumpkin.


My brother decided to get this pesto salmon, the dish was made with a few simple ingredients including fresh salmon, baby spinach, potato, and housemade pesto. The dish looked promising, however it was mostly potato, concealed with some spinach and a small piece of salmon. The dish was very simple and clean, if you prefer light and clean options for dinner, this is the one to go for.


My friend ordered barbeque spare ribs, and it came with seasonal vegetables like green beans and broccoli. The portion size was quite decent, and we all got to try some of that. It was seasoned and grilled beautifully, the meat was tender and fell off the bone. The vegetables did a great job to balance out the richness from the meat and sauce. This dish is perfect for meat lovers.


My other friend ordered the pork belly dish. It came with mashed kumura, baby spinach, along with slow cooked pork belly, and a sweet reduction sauce. The dish was beautifully presented and with generous slabs of pork belly. The flesh was tender enough to cut with  a fork, and along with the glaze coating, it was delicious.

Overall thoughts: Copper is a great, casual place to visit for dinner. The dishes were executed solidly. I wouldn’t say it would blow anyone away, but it is delicous, and resonably priced for the food and pleasant service. We had a lovely evening, thank you Copper.

Address: 595 Highgate, Dunedin 9010, NZ


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