With Sugar Cafe @ Dunedin

With Sugar cafe is located in the heart of the city, on the main streets of the Octagon. It is a cosy cafe with minimal decoration, and they serve excellent food and coffee.


I have made two visits to this cafe, and I love their menu, very simple and focused. They also offer a wide range of baked goods including gluten-free and vegan options.


It was a rainy and cold day, I ordered a mochaccino as soon as we sat down. It was a great cup of coffee and perfect for the weather that day.


I had their roasted field mushrooms with basil pesto on house seed toast. The mushrooms were juicy, and they were well dressed with a balsamic reduction and basil pesto. The house seed toast was packed with seeds and grains, it was very nutritional but a little dry. However, the basil pesto did do a good job of making it less dry. All in all, I enjoyed this dish.


My boyfriend ordered this house baked beans, with chorizo & eggs on toasted ciabatta. The beans were cooked perfectly and the chorizo added a nice spicy kick to the dish. The eggs were cooked just right too, soft whites with a creamy and runny yolk. Putting all the components of the dish together made for an excellent bite.


I made another trip to With Sugar cafe a couple of days ago with a friend, I wasn’t that hungry, so I ordered the soup of the day – spicy curry pumpkin soup. It came with two slices of toasted ciabatta, and was served on a wood paddle. I wish it was a bit spicier and richer, as it was towards the bland side and underseasoned. However, the ciabatta was nicely toasted, really crunchy on the outside, and soaked up the soup nicely.


Since my friend was leaning to a vegetable dish, I recommended him to try the roasted mushroom with basil pesto I had last time. The portion size was a lot more generous this time, and it was every bit as good as it was before.

Good to see them consistently put out good plates of food. Thank you With Sugar cafe, we will be visiting again soon.

Address: 134 Stuart St, Dunedin, NZ




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