Re:Burger @ Dunedin

Have you ever found yourself craving a burger, with hot fries and a milkshake in the middle of the work or study day? I used to roam around the campus wondering what to get for lunch, and I would have loved to have something like that just outside the library. It’s too bad I am graduating soon and won’t be around this area anymore, because Re:Burger, the popular burger food truck, has just opened up right outside the university library.


These are some comments I had seen about Re:Burger before going.
“Best burgers in town!”
“Hand made beef patties!”
“Avocado mayo! Deep-fried jalapenos!”

In general, the comments were very close to the truth. And in my opinion, this is the place that serves the BEST burgers in town. Hands down.


Re:burger specialises in burgers, fries, and shakes. The menu is simple and focused. We asked the Re:Burger crew for their recommendations of the two best burgers on the menu, and they replied ‘everything on the menu is great!’. A couple of specific recommendations were the King Ed, and the Re:Negade. So naturally, we ordered these with some fries and a vanilla milkshake. The prices for the burgers are similar to other burger places in town, however, the portions are humongous. You get the fries and shakes for a cheaper price if you purchase with any burger. Always a bonus.


We could smell the deliciousness while we were waiting for our food. I was salivating. One thing I love about food trucks is that you get to watch them make your food, and deliver it to you fresh.


We admired Re:burger from the moment we watched them prepare and cook the ingredients. They really pay close attention to each component of the burger. He even checked for the crunchiness of the onion rings before stacking them on the burgers.


Many have raved about their burgers ever since the truck opened. And Kenny and I were so excited to try them out.


Kenny ordered the Re:Negade, which is a burger with double meat, double cheese, double bacon, crunchy onion rings, jalapenos, pickles, lettuce, and their famous Re:sauce. I know it sounds like A LOT, but Kenny was starving. We saw them build the burger layer by layer. This burger was definitely an impressive sight.


I will warn you, it’s going to be a messy experience, but, you won’t care at all after you are done, and craving for more.


The buns were lightly toasted and held together well. An important foundation for any hefty burger such as this one. The meat was juicy and fresh, and the umami flavours were amplified by the rashers of bacon and the melted cheese. The onion rings, and the lettuce paired wonderfully with the proteins, providing good crunch and freshness to each bite. We all know every burger needs a great sauce, and the Re:Sauce certainly did the job. It was tangy, creamy, and complemented all the other ingredients nicely.


I had the King Ed, which had Southern fried chicken, cheese, bacon, grilled pineapple, lettuce, smokey BBQ and aioli sauce. The chicken was very tasty, with a perfectly seasoned and crunchy crust, with a moist and juicy interior. I don’t really need to say much about the bacon, because let’s be honest, everyone loves bacon. Some people dislike the addition of pineapples in savoury foods. I however, love pineapple. It added sweetness and a bit of tanginess. I loved the ratio of all the ingredients in this burger. In fact, it was probably the best chicken burger I have ever had.

We ordered some fries to share. The fries were of the shoestring variety and were served hot and crunchy. There are only a few food combinations that are as good as an ice-cold milkshake and a burger. The milkshake was sinfully creamy and luscious. Probably a fair few calories, but we can worry about those things later 😉

If you are in Dunedin, go get a burger from these guys as soon as you can. You guys will be blown away by the amount of flavours these burgers pack. In my opinion, considering the price, size, and tastiness, these burgers cannot be beaten by any other burgers in town. We will most definitely be gradually working ourselves through their entire menu in the coming weeks.

Address: It varies, but they are mostly stationed outside the university library/museum lawn on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


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