Gaslight Part Two @ Dunedin

This is our second post of Gaslight. The first post was about their desserts, make sure to check it out!

Gaslight is my first go-to place for pasta in town, this cosy, traditional restaurant is known for their high-quality, hand-made pasta and authentic sauces. It is very popular among locals, so reservations are a must!

I have been a fan of Gaslight for a while. In fact, Kenny and I love to come here for celebrations. The place provides tremendous value, both in terms of quality and quantity.

We always have a good time here.


Pictured above is the Gambero. It is a fettucini pasta with basil and sundried tomato marinated prawns, spicy chorizo, garlic and fresh chilli. This is by far my favourite item on their entire menu.

The handmade fettuccini is fresh and cooked to a perfect al dente. It is a light dish (which I like!) compared to other heavy sauce pasta on the menu, such as the carbonara. Although it is light, it still manages to be highly flavourful and satisfying. The combination of garlic and chilli goes really well with the pasta. The garlic provides an aromatic base to the pasta, while the chilli gives it a little kick. The prawns are beautifully marinated with basil and sundried tomato, and cooked to perfection. Giving it that nice ‘pop’ feeling in your mouth. The additional sundried tomatoes completes the dish with a little more texture and tanginess. I absolutely love this dish.


This is the Tuscan beef ragu, which is fettucini served in a braised beef and capsicum in a red wine and tomato sauce, topped off with fresh rosemary and shaved parmesan cheese. This definitely beats any regular house made spaghetti bolognese. The tomato flavour is very pronounced and complements the tender pieces of beef nicely. The rosemary adds lovely herbal notes, and the cheese boosts the umami. As always, the pasta is cooked to a perfect al dente texture.


We made another visit recently, and picutured above is the risotto. I ordered the Kraken, which is a risotto dish comprised of mussels, prawns, spicy chorizo, and capsicum with a lemon and confit garlic sauce, topped with crumbed calamari.

The mussels, prawns ,and chorizo are very flavorful, having absorbed lots of the delicious flavours from the sauce. Also, the calamari adds a nice peppery balance and texture to the dish. The risotto rice was perfect, not a hint of mushiness here. I thoroughly enjoyed the dish.


This is the Limone, which is another fettucini dish with tarragon chicken, preserved lemon, and spinach in a cream cheese and confit garlic sauce, topped with shaved parmesan. This sounds very rich and creamy, but those that love traditionally creamy pasta like the carbonara, will enjoy it immensely. The chicken is tender, and the confit garlic gives the dish a nice mellow garlic flavour.

Gaslight puts out dish after dish of perfectly cooked pasta. The portions are generous, and the service is friendly and helpful. We have yet to try out their more meat-focused French mains, and we will surely return for that, and their cheesecakes.

Address:73 St Andrew St, Dunedin, NZ


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