The Exchange @ Queenstown

This is the fourth post in the Queenstown series.


We had originally planned to skip breakfast as we had booked a table for the lunch buffet up at the gondola. However, we were quite hungry in the morning, so we decided to grab a small bite in town.


I decided to come to The Exchange for breakfast as it is very close to the hotel we stayed at, and with great reviews online about their breakfast and coffee. The cafe has a sunny outdoor space for a dining area. However, the day wasn’t quite warm enough to sit outside.


I love the interior, it is very modern and welcoming. The floor to ceiling glass panels make the cafe look spacious, and allows for a lot of natural sunlight to come through.

The Exchange offers a great assortment of cabinet food, for example, salads, pies, scones, pizzas, sandwiches, and sweet baked items.

The coffee was good, strong and full of flavour. The beans are supplied by a local coffee roastery called Octane.


I ordered the homemade scone, served warm with clotted cream and strawberry jam. The scone itself was light and sweet, and good enough to eat on its own.


Of course, it was even better topped with jam and a little bit of cream.


We also got the ham and cheese croissant, it didn’t have many layers some croissants I’ve had elsewhere. However, it was crusty on the outside, yet extremely soft on the inside. The saltiness from the ham, richness from the melting cheese, and the buttery taste from the pastry were the crowning point of a good croissant. We all enjoyed it.


The soup of the day was broccoli and blue cheese soup. I am not a big fan of blue cheese on its own, but it was perfect in this soup. It was a smooth blended and comforting soup, which was perfect for the cold day.


The soup was very hearty, rich, and filling. The ciabatta was nicely toasted, and I really liked dipping it in the soup.

We did not try items off their breakfast and lunch menu since we were about to have a buffet. I would love to try their popular Exchange benedict next time I visit. In saying that, their cabinet food was delicious and had lots of variety. It is the type of cafe I could totally imagine visiting regularly if I lived in the area.

Address: 39 Ballarat Street Queenstown New Zealand



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