Mojo Coffee @ Auckland

This is the second post in the Auckland series.

Mojo is a very popular New Zealand cafe and coffee roaster, who operate 35 cafes between New Zealand (Wellington and Auckland), Japan, and China.


I heard the hype about this cafe a few years ago, but I never get to visit since I don’t live in either Auckland or Wellington. This time, I was in Auckland for a week, and I decided to come here for breakfast.

Their coffee is quite famous. They choose high-quality beans from different origins such as Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Papua New Guinea. You are also able to have your coffee brewed in a steampunk machine.


Each Mojo store in Auckland is very unique in their design and atmosphere for the location they are operating in. Out of eleven Mojo cafes in town, we came to Mojo Exchange Lane on 95A Queen street. It recently opened in June 2016, and is tucked away in a small side street.


Since the cafe it is tucked away on a side street, you don’t experience the city hustle and bustle even if you choose to sit outside. My dad really likes to sit outdoor for meals wherever we go, and luckily enough, we found an outdoor table available during their busy breakfast service.


As soon as we ordered and sat down, the staff got us a bottle of lemon sparkling water. It is always a plus for cafes to serve sparkling water in my book. Score!


Dad ordered a long black to get his coffee fix for the day. And as expected, he said it was a great cup of coffee. Intense, bold, and full of flavour.


And I got myself an iced coffee.It had a nice balance between the bitterness from the coffee and the creaminess from the milk.


Mojo offers a great assortment of sandwiches. you can choose from their  a la carte menu, or pick from a selection of other savoury items on the counter.

Pictured above is a classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato (BLT) sandwich, I picked this on the counter. The bread was the most amazing part, it was delightfully toasted crisp on the outside, yet wasn’t too crunchy or dry. The inside was generously packed with strips of bacon, fresh tomatoes, and Romaine lettuce. It was a classic BLT which we all enjoyed, and the mayonnaise was simple but good enough on its own to not require the tomato jam on the side.


I also picked this grilled chicken sandwich on the counter, it looked and tasted delicious. The bread again was toasted perfectly, on the top side of the bread there was a generous amount of shaved cheese. The combination of the warm grilled chicken, fresh lettuce, and intensely flavoured tomato jam on the side was perfect. It was overall a highly satisfying sandwich.


We also ordered a bacon and egg sandwich from the menu (since my mum looooves bacon). The bacon was savoury with a hint of sweet. It has a nice balance of fat to meat ratio. While the fried egg was cooked perfectly with a runny yolk. The Marty sauce (a barbecue sauce) definitely gave the sandwich a lift, though I found the flavour a bit too strong. My mum and dad, however, cleaned the plate.

It is easy to see why this place is so popular. The food is simple but executed really well, they serve great coffee, and have a laid-back ambience. All the things that make a cafe easy to love. I did not get to try more items on the la carte menu this time, but I would love to return again (and again).

Address: 95a Queen Street, Auckland, NZ.


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