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Since Kenny is Korean and he makes a lot of Korean dishes at home, I fell in love with this cuisine. Seoul restaurant is always my go-to for Korean food with my family in Dunedin. My brother and I have been a fan of them for a couple of years, and it is a warming restaurant serving homestyle Korean food.

These small dishes are called banchan, which translates to side dishes. They are served alongside rice, and it is complimentary. There are endless banchan options, for example, kimchi, bean sprouts, radish kimchi, salad, japchae (sweet potato starch noodles), and jeon (pancakes).


The top right corner is kimchi, it is the most common Korean banchan made of fermented cabbage and spices. The one we had was the classic, traditional cabbage kimchi  (Tongbaechu-kimchi 통배추김치). I love eating kimchi with everything, especially alongside Korean stews, barbeque, or even just with rice.

The top left corner one is potato salad, it is a cold salad that has potato and shredded carrot with a mayonnaise dressing. I prefer the texture of the mashed potato salads made at other Korean restaurants, however, my sister loved this because of its creaminess from the mayonnaise.

The bottom left banchan is sliced fish cakes (eomuk 어묵), it is a processed seafood product made of ground white fish and other added ingredients such as vegetables and sugar. I really love the taste, texture, and flavour of the eomuk, and they taste delicious in many ways such as stir fry, soup, and even on their own.

The last banchan dish is a bean sprout salad (sukju namul 숙주나물). Is was fresh and light, yet very savoury thanks to the sesame oil dressing and spices.


We ordered some Korean dumplings (mandu 만두) to start with. They were golden brown on the outside and certainly looked very appetising. I love the satisfying crunch around the edges and the chewy texture of the dumpling skin.


The pork and cabbage filling was so juicy and flavourful. Delicious by themselves or dipped in soy sauce.


We also ordered this Korean rice cake dumpling soup (tteokguk 떡국). I have a recipe of this traditional Korean dish here Quick and Easy Korean Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup (tteokguk 떡국). The dish can be super simple to make, and absolutely delicious.

I really like the broth, each bite had a balanced blend of sweet and savory. It has the sweetness from the onion, and great flavours from the anchovies, garlic, and other spices.


I am a BIG fan of dumplings, and I couldn’t be more happy to find this king-size dumpling (wang mandu 왕만두) in the soup.


These dumplings were huge and packed with pork and kimchi, they were as good as the ones I tried in Korea.


This is Korean mixed rice with vegetables and meat in a stone pot, called dolsot bibimbap (돌솥 비빔밥). Bibimbap is a popular dish eaten in Korean restaurants or at home. It is made with a bowl of rice, sauteed and seasoned vegetables such as bean sprouts, carrots, kimchi, mushrooms, and beef. The ingredients are mixed all together with the red pepper paste and you will have a bowl of healthy and delicious bibimbap! This particular bowl had the perfect blend and balance of contrasting flavours.

If your bibimbap is served in a stone pot, leave the rice to sit for a while before you mix for a layer of crispy and crunchy rice on the bottom. It is super nutty and adds a satisfying crunch too. 


This soup was a beef soup (galbitang 갈비탕) with onion, starch noodles, carrot, and thinly sliced beef. It was very rich and had strong umami flavour. I did find the soup to be a little bit salty to enjoy alone, but it tasted much better with some rice.

I would prefer the dish more if they had used a thicker cut of beef or short ribs (how galbitang supposed to be) instead of thinly sliced beef. Other than that, we enjoyed it.


Another great dish was the braised fish stew ( kkongchi-jorim 꽁치조림). I order this dish every time I go there, it is spicy and intensely full of flavour. Korean canned fish is popularly used in stew, even though it wasn’t fresh, the texture was great and firm. While the potato soaked up all the flavours of the soup. They were delicious and definitely quite addictive. 

I really recommend this place if you are looking for some good hearty Korean food in Dunedin.

Address: 11 Frederick St, Dunedin, NZ


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