Golden Harvest @ Dunedin

This is the second post about Chinese cuisine in the Dunedin series, check out the dim sum post at Sichuan 88 @ Dunedin.

Kenny, my sister and I decided to go to Golden Harvest to try their Peking duck. Peking duck is a traditional dish from Beijing, and at Golden harvest, the skin and meat of the duck are served alongside Chinese pancakes, spring onions, cucumbers, carrots, and hoisin sauce.



We ordered the two-course meal, with the first course being the crispy skin and succulent meat of the duck alongside wraps and other accompaniments. The pieces of duck were sliced thinly, and were layered out on the plate nicely.


The execution of the duck was great, the skin was deeply flavoured, paper thin, and crispy. The meat was fatty, rich and moist.


The freshly made pancakes were served in a bamboo steamer. I found the pancakes to be a bit thicker than the Chinese pancakes I’ve had in Hong Kong, however, the pancakes were warm and added a nice chewiness which I enjoyed.



A big part of duck pancakes is the hoisin sauce, it is a thick, sweet, and salty sauce. The sauce has a good balance between sweet and savoury, which adds a unique flavour to the duck.


To fully enjoy the duck in its full glory, you take a pancake, place a piece of duck, some spring onion, cucumber, carrot, and a bit of hoisin sauce, and roll it up. The flavours of the tender juicy meat, crispy skin, fresh spring onion, and hoisin sauce came together in a perfect harmony of flavours. We all enjoyed it!


As part of the two-course meal, we also got a duck stir fry with chopped vegetables, and lettuce wraps.


The lettuce wrap was refreshing and solid, but nothing extraordinary.


We also ordered salted fish and chicken fried rice. This has always been my favourite fried rice dish because of its unique saltiness from the salted fish, and the complex umami flavours from the chicken, spring onions, eggs, garlic, and various sauces. I love to mix the housemade chilli oil with the fried rice, as it adds a spicy kick.


The housemade chilli oil is popular at the restaurant, and also available for purchase. Although it is bright red, it is not as spicy as it looks. It is deeply flavorful, intense, and complements Chinese dishes nicely.


We also ordered the pan fried XO sauce turnip cakes, it had great shrimp and spicy seafood flavours from the XO sauce, and the cakes were very soft on the inside. Although pretty tasty, both Kenny and I prefer the turnip cakes at Sichuan 88 @ Dunedin, as they have a little more flavour and have a crispier skin on the outside.

My favourite dish of the night were the duck pancakes. Prices are on the higher side compared to other Chinese restaurants, but the food was quite enjoyable. If you have a craving for duck in Dunedin, pay the team at Golden Harvest a visit.

Address: 218 George St, Dunedin, NZ





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