Gilbert’s Fine Food @ Dunedin

It was a sunny morning, Kenny and I decided to go for a light trek at Tunnel beach in Dunedin. We didn’t expect to see such spectacular and breathtaking views just 20 minutes away from the city.


Tunnel beach track is an easy and short walk that is very family-friendly, just follow the fenced track downhill and you will see this amazing rocky coastline.


The track is quite easy, but be careful around the cliff area!



At the end of the track, a short tunnel with steps leads down to a secluded beach.


On the way back from the beach, we stopped by Gilbert’s Fine Food bakery. They have a physical store located at 47 Otaki street, and opened a store recently at 72 Albany street. If you live in Dunedin, you will find them every Saturday morning at the Otago farmers market. Since their baked items are very popular among locals, so be there early if you want to get the most popular items such as sour rye, sourdough, and the bran loaf!

We got there late afternoon, and most of their offerings were gone! This just shows how popular they are. We picked one savory and one sweet item from the cabinet, which were the salami and soft cheese pretzel and brownie.


I have never had pretzel bread nor had I seen any cafes and bakeries that sell them, which made me very curious.

I loved how they garnished the bread with sea salt, which gives a nice pop of saltiness and a crunch to the bread. The fillings were very generous, it was stuffed with pepperoni salami from the Blackball, camembert cheese, and butter. The combination was perfect.


The flavors were great. The creaminess from the cheese did a fantastic job of balancing the salty and spiciness of the salami. I also liked the texture of the bread, it was slightly crunchy on the outside, and slightly chewy on the inside.


We also picked up this brownie, and asked for the edge piece. It is fudgey inside, and crunchy on the top and around the edges. Also, it was not overly sweet and was begging to be enjoyed with a nice cup of milk tea.

We did not try their pastries or loaves since most of their items were sold out! However, I will definitely try their pastries and loaves soon. Since they just opened a new store right by the university, I can imagine this as a bakery that I would visit regularly.

47 Otaki street, Dunedin
72 Albany street, Dunedin
Otago Farmers Market, Dunedin



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