Otago Farmers Market @Dunedin

The Otago farmers market is held every Saturday morning right by the Dunedin railway station. The market is very well known for not only their fresh produce, but also dozens of stalls and shops that sell prepared foods, desserts, meats, fish, flowers and plants, and all sorts of bakery items.


Living in Dunedin, Kenny and I love visiting the farmers market to get our vegetables. Not only can you get fresh and organic produce, you can also support the local community.



The various of performances in the crowd definitely bring a lively atmosphere to the market!

In the last blog, I recommended the local bakery Gilbert’s Fine Food bakery. Since we did not get to try their pastries and breads last time, we decided to get some at the market. They are always one of the most popular stalls at the farmers market, and we could see they sell the items very fast!


They have a selection of bread samples to try, which is great for those who can’t decide which one to get or want to try a bit of everything. They were so knowledgeable about the ingredients in the breads, and kindly gave us a good description of the breads.


We bought a loaf of soured rye since their soured breads are very popular. They told us that the soured rye has a relatively stronger sour taste than their other soured breads, as it had been fermented for 48 hours.


The taste of the bread was very new and interesting to me as I have never had this kind of soured bread. It definitely has a strong sour taste, but it also has a deep rye flavour. The bread is steady, delicious, and chewy on the inside. Its sturdy texture and sour flavour provide the perfect pairing with a little bit of hummus.


We got the hummus from Jacob’s Dream, they have a few selections of hummus to choose from such as original and garlic lovers. It is creamy, rich, and nutty. They also sell falafel and lemonade.


We also bought a sour cherry cheesecake Danish from Gilbert’s bakery, because the name just sounded so appetising.


We were very surprised after the first bite, Kenny and I both agree it was probably one of the best pastries we have had.


The baked cheesecake topping was semi-dense but creamy, with a hint of lemon. Summer fruits are in season, and the addition of sour cherry definitely gave it a nice tartness.

The best part of the Danish however, was the pastry. It was perfectly flaky, and a little chewy. We absolutely loved it, and is definitely worthy of buying again.


Jia He Asian Food, a local Taiwanese stall is also popular in the market for their dumplings, buns, and tofu. We bought a serving of dumplings to share, and since we love spicy food, we added a lot of their homemade chilli oil on top.


The fillings were pork mince and cabbage, they are handmade, and fried to order. I found the dumplings just okay, like the other dumplings you would get elsewhere. However, we both loved their chilli oil.


Lebanese Cuisine specialises in vegetarian Middle-Eastern foods such as hummus, Tabouleh, bean salad, Turkish delight, samosa, and baklava.


We bought a baklava from them, it is a traditional rich and sweet pastry made of layers and layers of filo, and filled with chopped walnuts and syrup.


We expected the pastry to be crispy, however, the pastry was rather soggy and gave no crunch. The fillings were decent but again, it lacked the characteristic crunch and flakiness of a good baklava.

We also purchased some vegetables and fruits, they are fresh from the farm and are especially great in season. We bought some apricots and peaches which were both very ripe and juicy. The selection and quality of produce available at the market is by far the best available in Dunedin, which is one of the reasons I always make sure to go to the market.

All in all, Otago farmers market is definitely one of those “must-dos” or “multiple-visits” if you visiting Dunedin or living in Dunedin. Not only does it give you the best produce available in Dunedin, it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy different food from the local community, and have some Saturday morning bites.


Address: Dunedin Railway Station, Anzac Avenue, Dunedin (Every Saturday morning)






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